What do people think of Iron-Bound Gym?

Google Reviews

5 star review  Ironbound Gym feels like family from the moment you walk inside. All the staff are friendly and helpful and everyone looks out for one another. They offer great classes for all levels with professional trainers. Everything is adaptable to meet your needs. The owner is very involved with the community and is always looking for ways to give back and partner with great causes. Membership pricing is unbeatable - check it out if you’re looking for a clean and great local gym!

thumb Kelly Kincaid
December 6, 2021

4 star review  It has everything you need to get a full workout in! Very friendly staff and clean equipment.

thumb Grace Ownby
December 6, 2021

5 star review  This is the first gym I've ever joined and I have to say I'm impressed. There are so many weight and cardio machines to choose from and the staff is always so welcoming. I don't feel self conscious there at all. I try to go every day, sometimes twice, and I look forward to it each time. The prices aren't bad either. Thank you!

thumb gray w
January 6, 2022

4 star review  Clean gym. A lot of cardio and machine options. Staff is friendly. If the free weight area was bigger and had more options, it would get 5 stars from me.

thumb Queen Moomba
December 6, 2021

Yelp Reviews

  I was a member for almost 5 years. The atmosphere in the gym is great, and they have equipment for any type of lifting regimen. Good selection of machines, plenty of free weights, a TRX, plyometric boxes, etc.

The staff is very friendly and I always felt welcome.

thumb Brendan B.

  My parents live in Williamsburg so I consistently drop in to this gym. Plenty of machines, racks and weights. Lots of treadmills and elliptical as well. I have never been when there are not a lot of people in there but never have to wait too long for a spot. I went this past Sunday, worked out fasted and on the last exercise last set on the leg press damn near collapsed (That feeling like your gonna poop and vomit at the same time) stumbled to the bathroom where management happened to be doing some routine cleaning, they could tell I wasn't right and asked if they could help, brought me a Gatorade free of charge and sat with me until I could see straight. I will definitely be back.

thumb Aaron E.

  Great little gym. The pictures online don't do it justice. It's much bigger than it looks. Has every machine for every possible exercise. Staff was super friendly and helpful. Didn't give it 5 stars because it was super quiet and lacking energy. I will come back here next time I'm in Williamsburg

thumb Eric J.

  This is a small, family-owned gym which is run with great care and integrity.  During Covid, Scott is being especially careful to keep the gym safe (I know this because my friend trains there frequently.) I would highly recommend Iron Bound Gym.  I just got a new knee and can't come until I finish PT, but will rush back as soon as I am able! I miss it!

Cathy A., Williamsburg

thumb Catherine A.