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Monthly Membership


Our monthly memberships offer you access to IBG with no long-term commitment.  Your membership simply continues on a month to month basis from the day you join with only a 10-day notice to cancel at an time and will NEVER increase as long as you are a current member.  All classes are included too.

Couple (spouse/pa​rtner) (+$25.00)

Family (Up to 2 parents & 2 kids) (+$35.00)


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Our monthly memberships offer you access to IBG including all fitness classes (Zumba, yoga, muscle pump, free weights, cardio, circuit training, indoor cycling classes and more), circuit training, cardio, and free free weights.

Your card will be conveniently charged each month beginning 30-days from your initial purchase.  A contract will need to be signed when you arrive in order to charge your card monthly.  Don’t worry, you are still on a month to month basis.  You will need to provide a 10-day written notice to cancel once that time comes.

You may also join for a 30-day time period with no contract for $50 for an individual or couple for $70.  Please join in person for these options.

If you know you are going to be here for a long period of time, take advantage of our 1-year option for $40/month for an individual or $65/month for a couple. Family rates also available. Contract required.