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Tai Chi is a gentle exercise that originated in ancient China. The health benefits include increase flexibility/mobility, balance, muscular strength and fitness. Tai Chi exercises the entire body, promoting correct body posture; integrating body and mind.

Why Tai Chi is effective

Based on the physical objectives alone, Tai Chi meets the criteria for being an effective exercise for health. Yet there are additional attributes of Tai Chi, making it an even more attractive exercise alternative.

The Power of the mind

It is well known that a positive frame of mind aids healing. Many studies have demonstrated the powerful effect of mind over body. Tai Chi integrates the two.

When practicing Tai Chi, one focuses on all movements and the coordination of the body. The mental training enhances clarity of the mind, improves relaxation, and uplifts mood. Studies have shown Tai Chi to be effective in relieving stress.

Whole body involvement

Tai Chi exercises all muscles, joints and ligaments. Whenever one part of the body moves, the rest of the body also moves in a gentle, curve-like fashion, thus benefiting the entire body.

Integrating Body and Mind

Practicing Tai Chi involves more than rehearsing the external movements of the body. Participants should try to coordinate the movements with the diaphragmatic breathing and mental concentration. Diaphragmatic breathing enlarges lung space, and thus improves lung function. It also enhances the effects of deep breathing and aids in relaxation. All movements are directed by the mind to improve mental concentration, as well as integration of body and mind.

Imparting Tranquility

Tai Chi is characterized by gentle, slow and continuous, curve-like movements. One seeks stillness in the movement and motion within the stillness. Frequent rehearsal of these movements helps people become more patient and relaxed.

The Practical Advantages

Tai Chi is a progressive exercise in the sense that no matter at what age one starts, skills can be developed. The more one progresses, the more interesting it becomes. It has great depth like pealing an onion. There is a layer inside another layer. This is why people enjoy practicing Tai Chi.

This information is taken from the Tai Chi for better living handbook for a class review.

By Dr. Paul Lam, Tai Chi Productions and the Arthritis Foundation