Barre & Yoga

Iron Barre

In the summer of 2022, Iron-Bound Gym expanded by adding a 1000 sq. foot studio located right across the street from the current location. This studio offers us the ability to hold multiple classes at the same time and a new style of class for us called Barre. Our yoga program has since expanded and with the new barre classes added, you now have more than 70 classes per week INCLUDED with your membership.

What is barre?

Barre is a form of physical exercise conducted in a group class setting. It is distinguished from other group fitness activities by its use of the ballet barre and its incorporation of movements derived from ballet. These classical dance movements and positions are combined with those drawn from yoga and pilates,and other equipment may be used in addition to the barre, such as resistance bands, yoga straps, exercise balls and hand weights. Barre classes typically focus on small, pulsing movements with emphasis on form, alignment and core engagement.

Participants hold their bodies still while contracting specific, targeted sets of muscles in isometric exercises. Repetitions tend to be high, range-of-motion small, and weights, when used, light (2–5 pounds). Barre classes focus on the lower body and core, developing strength and flexibility from the ankles up through the calves, knees, thighs, glutes and abdominals. Holding muscles in contraction for extended periods frequently leads to them shaking as they fatigue. This is particularly true of thighs, as the quadriceps tire. In addition to your typical barre moves, floor exercises are also incorporated to engage the chest, shoulders, back and other areas of the upper body for a full-body workout. Don’t let the lighter weights and small movements fool you though…you will feel this one for days after.


We are pleased to offer several forms of yoga in our new space with our various instructors. These classes are once again included with your membership and are wonderful for not only your body, but also for your mind. Focus on slow movements and breathing with Yin Yoga, take part in a traditional yoga class or try a Vinyasa style class. Whatever your style, we have it available for you.

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